Monday, January 28, 2013

How To Create More Time And Maximize Your Activities

Read another 12 tip to maximize your time
We also see people working efficiently in their jobs, actively participating in several organizations and yet finding time to relax with their spouses and children. Why is it that some fail to accomplish much while others are able to do much and accomplish much in life? Where do they find this extra time to do this?

1. Time Management Tip: Prioritize your work first.
You have many problems to solve, many tasks to be done on a short term and on a long term basis, but where do you start? Sit down quietly, put your thinking cap on and identify the things you consider as more important and requires immediate or early attention. Do not waste your time thinking about unimportant things. Prioritize these and also the not so urgent matters and start acting on the order of priority.

2. Time Management Tip: Focus Your Mind on the work at hand.
Every morning as soon as you wake up, look up your work schedule and plan how you intend working for the day. You have to work smart, in other words you have to work efficiently and also save valuable time. Focus your attention on your work irrespective of other considerations and distractions. Thus you will be able to focus your mind and start the day in a planed and systematic manner.

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3. Time Management Tip: Do One thing at a Time.
In spite of prioterizing your work, you may find things that need urgent attention. Attempting to do many things at the same time can lead to confusion and even demoralize you. You have to accept the fact that you can’t do all at once it is always advisable to do one thing at a time, complete the task and move on to the next. Thus you will be able to concentrate on your work, work faster and boost your morale.


4. Time Management Tip: Avoid Procrastination.
While working you are bound to come across problems that you will not be able to solve. If it is not urgent, move on to the next and come back to it later. If the problem is beyond your capabilities seek external help and ensure the it is solved. Some have the habit of postponing all the difficult tasks and completing the easy ones. What happens is that the files keep on piling up and the tendency to procrastinate sets in. If you ever allow procrastination to take control of your life, your chances of success will be doomed for ever.

5. Time Management Tip: Learn to say NO.
Saying NO can indeed be very difficult. If you want to succeed in life and save valuable time, then you have to cultivate the art of saying NO whenever you consider that NO is the best answer. A simple “No Thanks, not this time, thank you for asking” will be a good answer. If you are not comfortable with this answer with certain people, you could say “Let me think about it and get back to you” or something similar to this. This will give you enough breathing space to think over it and if necessary say a definite NO when confronted with the same issue later.

By adopting these tips, working smart and acting wisely Successful Businessmen, Entrepreneurs and Professionals create more time every day and participate in sevaral activities while the others watch with envy and wonder how they do it. Ordinary people think merely of spending time whereas these smart people think of using it. Source Isnare

Another 12 tips to maximize your time daily.

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